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“Women are not weapons of war | Sara Elizabeth Dill | TEDxMonteCarlo”

Post TEDx Interview:

“As first family reunification deadline arrives, migrant parents still struggle to contact their kids.”

“Bond for 9 asylum seekers offers glimmer of hope for family reunification, lawyer says.”

“Possible Family Reunification Site Inappropriate For Children, Immigration Attorney Says”, NPR Radio

“The Lives At Our Door.”

“Chicago lawyers volunteer to help families separated at border.”

“Plan to reunite immigrant families questioned by attorneys, advocates in Texas.”

“Northern Virginia lawyers mobilize to help families separated at border.”

“Virginia Lawyers Detail Work With Immigrant Families.”

“Immigration at the Border: This is catch and release.”

“Niet ieder klein kind kent de achternaam van mamma: hereniging wordt lastig in de VS.”

I’m Helping Those Affected by the Executive Order on Refugees and Immigration.”

Vantage Point crowdfunds a VR app to show how to deal with sexual assault.”

“The week the country united against Trump’s xenophobia ‘It was so explicitly a Muslim ban…I couldn’t stay home.’”

“Early wins against Trump immigration order may not last.”

“Customs And Border Officials Defy Court Order On Lawful Residents.”

“Local Congressmen Demanded To Speak With Customs And Border Protection At Dulles, Were Refused.”

“Legal Groups Are Already Planning for Trump’s Next Attack on Immigrants and Refugees.”


“Hundreds of People are Volunteering to Translate for Lawyers Fighting Trump’s Muslim Ban.”

“Finding Light and Love Amid the #MeToo Awakening.”

“ABA Luncheon with ICC President.”

“Dulles Border Officials Coerced As Many As 60 People Into Signing Away Rights, Lawsuit Says.”

“Sara Elizabeth Dill is Racing for CAASE.”

“This Mom Claims She Encountered Human Traffickers At IKEA And People Are Freaking Out.”

The Great Debate: Is law enforcement alone enough to reduce human trafficking?

“Report Finds Sexual Harassment Is Prevalent at DOJ, With Little Accountability for Those Accused.”

“How VR is being used to combat a very real issue: sexual assault.”

“Meet the VR Start-Up Changing Sexual Harassment Training.”

“Mais que fait Amal Clooney, l’avocate?.”

“Mixed results for effort targeting Bosnians in Milwaukee area.”